Recognition of Leo Beranek on his 100th Birthday

The ICA congratulates Leo Beranek on reaching 100 years of age on 15 September 2014 and recognizes his outstanding contributions to acoustics during the century. Leo attended the very first ICA congress in Delft, Netherlands (in 1953) and presented a paper.


Below, we take note of the various acoustical organizations honouring Leo Beranek:

  • Congratulatory letter from the ICA President
  • Spanish Acoustical Society (SEA). Follow the hashtag #leoberanek100thbirthday that they are promoting.
  • Congratulatory letter from the German Acoustical Society (DEGA)
  • 60 years have passed since the first edition of his book Acoustics was published. A new second edition is now available (co-authored with Tim Mellow) and the Forum Acusticum meeting in Krakow, Poland, hosted a book signing.
  • Congratulatory letter from the Association of Argentinian Acousticians (AdAA)
  • Congratulatory letter from the Acoustical Society of Finland
  • A congratulatory message is being posted in the news section of the Acoustical Society of Italy website
  • Congratulatory letter from the European Acoustics Association (EAA). The EAA Board will also be presenting an EAA award to Leo Beranek in recognition of his contributions at the Indianapolis meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.
  • Congratulatory letter from the Brazilian Acoustical Society (SOBRAC). They are awarding Dr. Leo Beranek the title of "Honorary Associate of the Brazilian Acoustical Society".
  • Congratulatory letter from the Latvian Acoustics Association
  • At the 40th Anniversary Conference of the Institute of Acoustics, in Birmingham, England, Oct 15-16, Leo Beranek was awarded their Rayleigh Medal. Additionally, in honour of his birthday, he gave a keynote speech.
  • A special session "Centennial Tribute to Leo Beranek's Contributions in Acoustics" was organized for the Indianapolis meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.
  • Acoustics Today magazine has dedicated an entire issue to Leo Beranek. Click here to go to this issue.
  • The Greater Boston Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America has organized a special matinee performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, 19 September 2014.
  • Congratulatory letter from the Acoustical Society of India
  • Congratulatory letter from the Slovenian Acoustical Society
  • Congratulatory letter from the Institute of Noise Control Engineers of the USA. To celebrate Leo Beranek's centenary, there was a special session held at NoiseCon 2014 in Ft. Lauderdale: students presented papers of his from the 1940's to the 2000's.
  • Congratulatory letter from the Société Française d'Acoustique
  • Leo Beranek received the following message "We congratulate you, for all your personal and professional achievements, and send best regards from the Mexican Acoustics Community".
  • The Canadian Acoustical Association has published an open letter in the September issue of Canadian Acoustics.
  • From the Australian Acoustical Society, a congratulatory letter from their President and a congratulatory letter from their General Secretary.